As far as device for protect coatings are concerned paint shops are more often used then electroplating ones and they are less harmful for environment. Painting and dyeing is used to anticorrosive protection and to improve the aesthetics and appearance of worked details.

Paint shops can be divided into:

  • Powder paint shops are the solutions dedicated to apply organic coatings by using spray equipment, usually a manual or an automatic guns for electrostatic spraying. Powder coating is generally an economically attractive and environmentally friendly alternative to liquid painting. Powder coating can be applied to many kinds of material but is generally selected for metal surfaces.
  • Liquid paint shops machines are designed to be industrially used for painting medium and large-size elements. Our machines offer a high production efficiency. Liquid paint shops are solutions dedicated to apply solvent-based paints and water-slouble paints by using spray equipment or by dip process . For dip paint process we produce:
  • Composed of tanks line for current less dip painting
  • Lines for E-coat ( cataphoresis KTL and anaphoresis) painting
  • Lines for dip spin painting

The surface of details must be well prepared due to coating firmly adheres to the surface.

Chemical surface preparation is an important anti-corrosion protection step, which affects the quality of the technological operations to be undertaken and the value of the final coating. According to what is required and what is attainable, the process may use solvent- or water-borne preparations. The chemical surface preparation step includes:

  • Washing and degreasing (with/out phosphating )
  • Phosphating
  • Passivation
  • Etching
  • Stripping of paint coatings

For preparing surface before painting we offer:

  • Chamber washers
  • Shower panels with multi stage operations for continuous treatment
  • Automatic lines for dip treatment surface.
  • Dryers and ovens