After machining or other treatment it happens that workpiece material is dirty and it is necessary to clean up it. To meet this needs Proster manufactures various types of washer machines, they include:

  • Ultrasonic cleaners
  • Dip pulse washers
  • Washing machines to “patch test”

In the aviation industry and other industries manufacturing devices with high level of reliability, the structure of made details is checked by using non-destructive testing NDT. Our plant produces following line for NDT:

  • Line for non-destructive testing method FPI
  • Line for non-destructive testing method MPI
  • Line for non-destructive testing method STI
  • Line for degreasing method dip and flush

In almost all chemical treatment processes sewage and waste water occurs which are harmful to the environment. Providing devices that generate such waste,  we decided to take the production of wastewater treatment plants. In the processes of cleaning and preparation for painting, mainly acid and alkaline sewage are generated though in electroplating processes very often chromic and cyanide wastewater are generated as well. Proster manufactures following types of sewage treatment plants:

  • Periodic sewage treatment devices for all kind of wastewater (acid, alkaline, chromic, cyanide)
  • Continuous flow sewage treatment devices for acid, alkaline wastewater
  • Sewage treatment devices with miscellaneous method of treatment (periodic + continuous flow) for all kind of wastewaters.

If it is necessary and economically justified we can offer: close water circulating, recovering  raw of materials by means of ultra filtration, micro filtration, reverse osmosis, ionic demineralization and vacuum evaporation methods.